Only Heaven and the Lilies Know

Seven roe deer, adults and fawns, all 1:1. Metal, recycled cardboard, felt, vintage woven wool curtains.

Dimensions variable
Photo: Daniel Schriver

A herd of deer wander through the room dragging a rowboat, while light filters through transparent colored foil applied to the gallery windows, creating the illusion of stained glass church windows. Only Heaven and the Lilies Know ponders the idea of a chapel, but for whom? `Chapel in connection with a church derives from the French: cappella (small cape)` Wikipedia Myrup wants to spread a small cape over those who may need it. Only Heaven and the Lilies Know, made specifically for Officinet, explores sculpture as replacement or substitute, but also votive; a wish to conjure up and give shape to that which has been lost.
Row boat Recycled blankets, wood and recycled cardboard and found rope. 340cm x 75cm x 117cm
Photo: Daniel Schriver