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Visual Artist


About Martine Myrup


Martine Myrup studied sculpture at Glasgow School of Art.


Based in Copenhagen, Myrup now works mainly in textiles creating both sculptures and functional one off items.


Elusive Owl / Myrup textile products and projects are made exclusively from second-hand fabric, found, donated or bought from charity shops.


Due to the nature of the fabric, irregularities and imperfections are incorporated into the designs, making the former life and function of the fabric an integral part of the finished item. Left over fabric from larger projects are turned into smaller items and scraps are used for patchwork keeping the waste to a minimum.


The aim is to extend the life-span of each bit of textile used, transforming the original items into something new and unique. A 1950's tablecloth may become a part of a plush toy, or a dated blouse may be converted into a decorative urn.

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